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This website started as an attempt to see if some sequences from the "RNA World" (for example, ribozymes) might have been "fossilized" or conserved as DNA sequences. The search eventually expanded to include sequences shared by viroids, retroviral kissing loops, G-RNAs, promoters, protein binding sites, conserved sequence blocks and intron/exon junctions..  

The name "snippets" is meant to describe short lengths of nucleic acids and should not be confused with SNPs; single nucleotide polymorphisms or "Snips".

Snippets 2 compares known hammerhead ribozyme conserved sequences and RNA polymerase binding sites at the transcription initiation sites of open reading frames in Human Papilloma Virus 16.

Snippets 4 compares conserved viroid hammerhead sequences and the polymerase binding site of the Methanococcus transcription initiation complex

Snippets 5 compares HIV-2 and HIV-1 Kissing Loop Sequences and those found in some viroids 

Snippets 6 is a more generalized look at small sequences that can be found in many places

Snippets 8 shows a comparison of sequences from "illegitimate translocations" of hematological neoplasias with mitochondrial Conserved Sequence blocks

Snippets 9a and 9b compares "illegitimate translocation" sequences with those of kinetoplast mitochondrial RNA primed origins of replication

Snippets 10 compares "illegitimate translocation" sequences with those of transfer RNA primers

Snippets 11 Compares the sequence of Peach Latent Mosaic Viroid with those of primer RNAs, the origins of replication of human mitochodria, and Nicotiana tabacum, with two V genes of human immunoglobulins and other sequences

Snippets 12 Compares hammerhead ribozyme conserved sequences with kinetoplast conserved sequences and transcription factor nucleotide binding sites.

Snippets 14 Compares various tRNAs with a 5S rRNA through a g:u intermediate

Snippets 15 Compares translocation junctions with pre-tRNA intron junction sites

Snippets 15a Compares "illegitimate translocations" of hematological neoplasias with pre-tRNA intron junctions sites, pre-16s rRNA splice sites and conserved sequences of kinteoplastid minicircle replication sites.

Snippets 16 compares Telomere template sequences to retroviral tRNA primers, reverse transcription sites and more through a G:U intermediate

Snippets 17 Compares many different sequences with the Universally Conserved Sequence Block 3 of kinetoplastid minicircles through a G:U intermediate

Snippets 18 Spliceosomes, CRISPR repeats. snRNAs and Trypanosome Conserved Sequence Blocks 1, 2, and 3 as seen through a G:U intermediate

Snippets 19 MicroRNA and Hammerhead Ribozyme Sequences through a G:U intermediate

Snippets 20 A Comparison of kinetoplastid guide RNAs (gRNAs) versus T cell receptor recombination signal sequences, and immunoglobulin recombination signal sequences (RSS) using a G:U intermediate

Snippets 21 CpG dinucleotide "hot spot" breakpoints in bcl-2 translocations through a G:U intermediate

  The author wishes to thank Carl Lichtenstein, Ph.D. and Lee Lichtenstein, M.S. for maintaining computers and posting the Snippets webpages. If anyone uses any information from this site, please acknowledge A. C. Lichtenstein, "Snippets". Thank you.

In memory of Carl Lichtenstein, Ph.D. 


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